Severe Sepsis Management Program

A Severe Sepsis Management Program has been successfully launched at MCH, leading to major improvement in patient outcomes, and is being expanded throughout the hospital.
As part of the movement to enhance the quality of care and outcomes of these patients, MCH has approved the key elements of the initial care resuscitation and infection control of patients with severe sepsis as core quality measures.
You can access the following resources to facilitate the care of patients with severe sepsis/septic shock: a) A Q&A outline on the diagnosis of severe sepsis, key barriers to its recognition and effective care, and means to overcome them b)the latest protocol-based orders for screening/initial care for severe sepsis, circulatory resuscitation of severe sepsis, and the latest version of  organ-specific empiric antibiotic pathway developed in collaboration with ID and pharmacy. In order to facilitate the care, resolve logistics issues, and enhance staff education, the hospital has now a Clinical Sepsis Coordinator, Sara Valentine, RN. Please contact the Coordinator for any questions on this Program at x 2198 or via the switchboard operator.