MCH Nutrition Services

Medical Center Hospital has several great food service options available to fit your needs.

  • The Hospital cafeteria is located on the first floor near the main south-facing
    entrance and serves delicious meals and a variety of beverages throughout the day. Our new
    cafeteria menu features Healthy Fit choices and scratch made items.
  • Quiznos is located near the front entrance of the hospital, west of the customer service desk.
    This location also features daily specials such as Buffalo Wings, Taco Shoppe, Rameen Republic and other fresh ideas.
  • Starbucks is located inside the Wheatley Stewart Medical Pavilion, on 540 West 5th Street.
  • Vending machines for snacks and beverages are located on most floors and can be located by asking MCH staff on the floors.

MCH is happy to provide a reasonably priced guest meal for one family member of overnight patients.
Contact Nutrition Services at (432) 640-2242 for instructions to obtain the guest meal.

The MCH Outpatient Nutrition Services is available for a wide range of therapies from weight
management, planning meals for severe allergies or food intolerances, and cancer therapy. A physician
referral is necessary for nutrition consultations. If you need more information please call our Clinical
Nutrition Manager at (432) 640-1147.